Statement regarding the conflict in Israel

/ Andrew Duffell

To the Israeli trade and entrepreneurial community,

As an ardent supporter of Israel, the Research Park at Florida Atlantic University® vehemently opposes the ongoing violence and loss of life witnessed beginning on Simchat Torah in Israel and as evidence of the atrocities in Israel becomes clearer, we, the leadership of a research and development park and entrepreneur support organization that prides itself on civil discourse and free, open trade, feel it is important to express outrage and disgust at the loss of so many innocent lives at the hands of terrorists.

We condemn the terrorist attacks and atrocities that were carried out against civilian communities, and we fully support Israel’s right to defend itself.

The Research Park at FAU enjoys partnerships with institutions and companies in Israel and has many close friends and partnerships throughout South Florida. The Research Park at FAU’s support for these friends, locally, in Israel and around the world, remains steadfast.

Our thoughts are with those who have families in Israel and especially with our friends in Israel and the surrounding areas at this extremely difficult time.

Florida Atlantic Research and Development Authority.

Andrew Duffell

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